The Gaudino Fund

The Gaudino Fund

Learning Through Experience and Reflection

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Welcome to the main page of the Gaudino Fund! Uncover the history of the fund, stay up-to-date with our newsletters, and learn more about fellowship opportunities for students as well as the work of our current Gaudino scholar.

The goal of the Gaudino Fund is to perpetuate Robert Gaudino’s emphasis on reflection, confronting our own biases through immersive engagement with otherness and, through that experience, learning to know ourselves more deeply and differently.

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Read about our Gaudino Scholar
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Katie Guthorn ’73
Vassar exchange student
Jon Kravetz ’74 James Mathieu ’72 Paul Peterson ’73


50+ Years of Uncomfortable Learning 

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  • Tenured members of the faculty and senior lecturers are invited to apply for the position of Gaudino Scholar. Statements of interest are due to the Dean of Faculty by October 15, 2022 for a three-year appointment from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2026. More details about this position can be found here.

An endowment principally raised during the years immediately following Robert Gaudino’s death and during the College’s Third Century Campaign is overseen by the Trustees. Use of the Gaudino Fund’s monies is restricted to the purposes and subject to the procedures set forth in the Fund’s Mission Statement and By-Laws, which guide the activities of the Gaudino Scholar and Fund Trustees.