A Retreat for Asking Essential Questions

In each of the past two Winter Study terms, Gaudino has sponsored a one-day retreat led by Jen Lazar ’04, Heather Foran ’04 and AnneMarie McClain ‘09, to delve deeply into questions such as: What is the purpose of the education you’ve been receiving at Williams? How does it connect, or not connect, to the ideas, goals, and big questions you have about yourself and the rest of your life? Where do you go with it after you’ve left at the end of this year, or at the end of four years?

Former Gaudino Scholar Lois Banta was inspired to initiate the event, titled “Living Just One Life,” after reading in the Gaudino records of a retreat with the same title during the tenure of former Gaudino Scholar Sam Fleischaker. Not having anything other than a title to go on, Banta reached out to former Gaudino Trustee Lazar and current Trustee McClain; together, the three women drew on resources for change-making and reflection to design what one student described it as “an inspiring, grounding, wonderful day of introspection, self-exploration, and community building” at a cozy, spacious retreat center in nearby Pownal, VT.