Robert Jackall (2001-2004)

Robert Jackall, the Class of 1956 Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, was named Gaudino Scholar in the spring of 2001. On September 11, 2001, the Dean of Faculty, Professor Thomas Kohut, asked him, as Gaudino Scholar, to organize the College’s intellectual response to the atrocities of that day. For the next three years, Professor Jackall dedicated himself to that purpose. The activities he organized were intensive, and included the first Gaudino Fund course at the College, Terrorism & National Security. That course brought speakers from every end of the political spectrum to the College to discuss the national crisis.

In the fall of 2003, Professor Jackall taught another Gaudino Fund course, named New York New York, co-authored with Marissa C. M. Doran ’05. With five students selected from that course, he then initiated the prototype of Williams in New York in the 2004 Winter Study period, and that led to the Williams in New York program, conducted in fall 2005. Professor Jackall is now Director of the Williams in New York program.