Resettling Refugees in Maine (Winter Study Project)


Sameer Aryal ’12 and Tarjinder Singh ’12 – “Demand-Side Barriers and the Influence of NGO Operations on the Provision of Healthcare in Nepal,”

Julian (Adam) Century ’12 – “South African Perspectives on the Chinese, Examined through the Microcosm of the Chinese-Zimbabwean Arms Shipment Refusal at the Port of Durban in April 2008,”

Hannah Cunningham ’11 – “Labial Stretching in the Buganda Kingdom.”

Zeynep Coskun ’12 – “The Ironic ‘Other’ Experience in the Country Where My Family Had Been Living for Four Generations.”

Leah Eryenyu ’12 – “The Street Children Question in Kampala, Uganda”

Gonpo Lama ’12 – “The Relevance of Faith and Religious Belief at a Leprosy Community in Rural Maharashtra, India,”

Shara Singh ’12 – “Sociolinguistic Causes behind the Endangerment of the Inari Sami Language”

Emanuel Yekutiel ’11 – “An Ethnographic Study of Afghan-Jews in Jerusalem.”


Muhammad Asad Liaqat ’11 – Ideas, Traditions, and Practices of Sufism in Pakistan

Meghan Rose Donnelly ’11 – Imagination and Education in an Javanese Orphanage

Moira P. Yoe ’10 – NGOs in the Israeli-Palestine Conflict


Nontombi Kraai, ’09 – “How Has an Increase in the Literacy Rates of Maldivian Women Affected Their Societal Status?”Rhonda Carr, ’09 – “Experience of Native Guatemalans Compared to American Blacks”

Jay Cox-Chapman, ’09 – “Globalization’s Impact on Indian Society & the Contribution of New Manufacturing Firms to the Rise of the Middle Class”

Christopher St. Cyr, ’09 – “Comparative Study of Office Culture in the US and India”

Reid Lynch, ’07 – “Why Homosexuality Is Such A Hot Button Issue For Christians”

Laura Specker, ’08 – “Scientific vs. Religious Concepts of Brain Death in Japan”

Mariama Massaquoi, ‘07 – “The Civil War of Sierra Leone”

Nataliya Ostrovskaya, ’07 – “The Impact of Standardizing the Native Creole Language in Curacao”

Rahul Shah, ’09 – “Fisherman Survivors of the 2004 Tsunami”


Jennifer Menzies ’07 – “The Meaning of Church Buildings in British Society”Mirza Delibegovic ’08 – “Why Is The Degradation Of The Environment Ignored?”

Ameeda Chowdhury ’07 – “Maintaining Immigrant Identity Distinct From the Majority Culture”

Ashley Burrell ’08 – “Orphaned Children of South Africa”

Ana Koski-Karell ’08 – “Gender & Business in Mexico”

Bryan Dragon ’06 – “Role of Women in Rural Panama”


Elizabeth Frazier ’05 – “Women’s Issues in A Muslim Country” (Morocco)Alan Cordova ’06 – “Impact of Muslim immigration on religious and national identity in Spain”

Sara Gersen ’05 – Orange Revolution of Ukraine: This project examined first-hand the Orange Revolution of Ukraine. Sara Gersen lived in the “tent city” in Kiev just days after massive protests forced a second presidential election and the victory of Viktor Yushchenko, a western-leaning opposition leader, over the Moscow-backed state candidate, Viktor Yanukovych.

Benjamin Scent ’06 – “Examining the future prospects of democracy in Hong Kong”


Michelle Smith ’04 – Global Trade of A Sacred Commodity: Investigating the intellectual property rights debate on traditional Maori tattoo art in New Zealand.

Arathi Rao ’06 – International Law and Local Culture: Examining the impact of corporate biotech patents on Indian farmers

Jessica Lovaas ’06 – Interdependence of Economic Development & Education in the Rural Village of Nyawa in Malawi

Emily Kirby ’04 – Modern Economy’s Impact on Traditional Gender Roles and the Art of Weaving among the Mayan People of Chiapas, Mexico