Lynette Wallworth - Public lecture

Tuesday, April 11 at 7pm on the  ’62 Center Mainstage (Residency on-campus April 10-12)

Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist known for her immersive multimedia installations, which focus on the interactivity between humans and the natural world. Her works include Coral: Rekindling Venus, an examination of the ecologically threatened biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef , and Evolution of Fearlessness, an intimate portrait of 10 refugee women.  Her most recent work is Collisions, a virtual reality investigation into the first contact between an indigenous Australian tribe and the momentous impact of Western expansion.

The public talk will include her work on Collisions, which centers on the theme of crisis thinking vs long-term environmental stewardship, and the unintended consequences of technology. She will also talk on the ancient possibility of storytelling to shape culture, and the use of both art and cutting edge technology to imagine different futures.   The 15-minute film Collisions will be available for viewing through the week before her visit.

Part of the “Stewardship of place and stories: Bearing witness through documentary film and oral history” conference.