Ben Brody "Endgame Afghanistan"

Afghan Lt. Nasrullah Sharif shows off his American-made bomb disposal equipment and some Taliban IED components he has found locally. Nasrullah is one of six US-trained bomb techs in the Afghan military. With the drawdown in full swing, US troops were not patrolling regularly from Combat Outpost Ahmadkhan – they relied heavily on surveillance blimps like the one in the background, and Afghan forces like Nasrullah to protect their base.

February 27-March 10, ’62 Center for Theater and Dance

In conjunction with the Theater of War, the Gaudino Fund presents a photography exhibit “Endgame Afghanistan” by soldier-turned-photographer Ben Brody. Working primarily for the nonprofit GroundTruth Project, Brody “spent several years embedded in Afghanistan, producing this complex, haunting series, which lays bare the existential folly of America’s decade-long involvement.”