Living an Examined Life Retreat

Retreat February, 2023

The Gaudino Fund sponsored the “Living An Examined Life Retreat,” a gathering for current students to reflect on the meaning of their Williams education. Nandita Betheja ’12, Jen Lazar ’04, and Nour Elkhatabby Strauch facilitated the retreat, while current Gaudino Board member Sophia Rosenfeld ’15 assisted with planning.

Students gathered in Dewey House on February 11, 2023, for the day-long event, which asked them to consider what they see as the purpose of their education; how their lives before Williams have affected their time at the College; and what questions, issues, and ideas are alive for them at this time. The facilitators led the group through a series of dialogues, writing and movement exercises, and opportunities to share that helped deepen interpersonal connections between students. 

In post-retreat reflections, students wrote that they felt “refreshed and recharged,” “grounded,” and “elevated, inspired, and lifted.” Another participant wrote that they felt “happy to have been vulnerable” and to have “expanded [their] comfort zone.” We are excited that the February 11 retreat was a success, and look forward to exploring these questions with more Williams students in the future!

When: Winter 2024 date to be announced

Where: Dewey House (immediately off-campus on 796 Main Street) 

If you would like to join us, we will be inviting students to fill out a retreat application in late fall 2023.

Please reach out with questions to Jen Lazar at [email protected] or Nandita Batheja at [email protected]