Desiree Daring, 2011 Gaudino Fellow

Gaudino Fellow Goes to Guatemala – January 2011   This winter study I was fortunate enough to be named a Gaudino Fellow.  As a Gaudino Fellow I went to study Spanish in a Guatemalan school.  As part of my Spanish Immersion Program at the… Continue reading »

Mo Lotif, 2011 Gaudino Fellow

2011 Gaudino Fellow Mo Lotif

  Mathir Ghaan (Music of the Earth): A Critical Exploration of the Social Functions of Baul Songs in Rural Sylhet, Bangladesh   During my Gaudino month, I set out to explore the social functions of Baul music, Bengali folk music, in the… Continue reading »

Veronique Hob-Hob, 2011 Gaudino Fellow

Kigali, Rwanda I- Synopsis My project aimed at studying the consequences of Rwandese women’s empowerment through the case studies of women’s soaring employment opportunities in the beading and weaving industries. I wanted to explore the social, economic and cultural impacts subsequent to this trend,… Continue reading »

Kelsey Ham, 2011 Gaudino Fellow

Gaudino Fellow Kelsey Ham

Synopsis: How does healthcare work in conjunction with religion and culture to prevent and treat leprosy?  How do Ethiopians use religion as a frame for understanding and managing disease?  During my two weeks spent in ALERT leprosy hospital in Korah village of the… Continue reading »

Abdullah Awad, 2011 Gaudino Fellow

Gaudino Fellow Abdullah Awad

At the secular American University in Beirut in Lebanon and in the Coptic Christian community of Garbage City in Egypt, I undertook an analysis of religious and secular rituals.  My intention was to provide a theory for the way in which means of recognizability can be traced… Continue reading »

Mina Dinh, 2011 Gaudino Fellow

Gaudino Fellow Mina Dinh

Emigration and Family Dynamics in Laos My project is a case study of the effects of open adoptions on family dynamics. My host family, which happens to be the subject of my study, lives in Laos, and has placed their three eldest children up… Continue reading »

Emily Levy, 2011 Gaudino Fellow

Emily Levy's Gaudino Fellow Experience

For Winter Study, I went to Ghana to research the stigma of mental disability there and how, if at all, people with mental disabilities are treated differently from people with physical disabilities.  I am very interested in the education and enrichment programs for the… Continue reading »